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Your Bali Property Inspection Experts!

Your Bali Property Inspection Experts!

Explore Bali properties confidently with Villa Verify. From fresh constructions to second-hand homes, our property inspection experts ensure perfection with comprehensive inspections, snag lists, and structural assessments.

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Services we offer

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Comprehensive checks & detailed reports. or guided walk-throughs with live highlights.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Villa Verify's Pre-Listing Inspection ensures a seamless & transparent selling process.

Handover Inspection

Seal the quality before you step in. Handover inspections for newly built perfection.

Rennovation Snag List

Redefine your renovation with precision. Our snag lists ensure every detail is noticed.

Structural Survey

Rock-solid assurance for your home – our Structural Survey has you covered!

Annual Inspection

Keep it ship-shape year-round! Our Annual Inspection ensures your property stays tip-top.

Property Survey Clipboard

Pre-Purchase Pricing

Rp 2.5 Million

Walk-Through ServiceWe'll be your sidekick during property visits, pointing out potential issues with a laid-back vibe. Not as formal as a home inspection, just here to keep things smooth.

Basic Inspection
Rp 4 Million

Basic Property ReportWe'll tour the property, pointing out key areas for improvement and anything noteworthy. No heavy reports, just a chill email with pics and notes filling you in with what we found out.

Comprehensive Inspection
Rp 7 Million

Comprehensive Property InspectionDetailed property insights, our thorough inspections cover it all – from structural standards to the nitty-gritty like wall surfaces, doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical circuits.

Swimming Pool Inspection

Connect with us today!

We're here to guide you in making informed decisions when purchasing a property in Bali. Reach out to us on WhatsApp for personalized advice and to schedule a call.

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What we look for in our inspections

  • Structural
    This assessment covers various aspects, from scrutinizing floor structures and identifying cracks to evaluating roof structures, crawl spaces, basements, and more.
  • Interior & Exterior
    Delving into both inside and outside realms, our inspection embraces walls, ceilings, stylish cabinets/furniture, inviting decks, and the allure of windows/doors, crafting a detailed exploration of your property's character.
  • Roofing
    Our inspection delves into the condition of shingles, coverings, flashing, skylight exteriors, and other crucial elements, providing a robust analysis of your property's overhead protection.
  • Plumbing
    We venture into the core of your home's water systems, exploring water heaters, pipes, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and other vital components. We provide a thorough analysis to ensure your plumbing is in robust condition.
  • Electrical
    We look at your home's power systems, exploring the meter, main/subpanels, fuse boxes, illuminating lights, and the receptacles.
  • Appliances
    Home appliance scrutiny covers fridges, ovens, microwaves, disposals, and a host of other essential devices in your living space.
  • Surrounding Land
    Our comprehensive inspection spans the grounds, exploring lush gardens, inviting decks, well-trodden driveways, and the welcoming entrance, ensuring every facet of your outdoor space meets the standards of comfort and aesthetics.
  • Swimming Pool
    Our meticulous inspection extends to the pool oasis, scrutinizing the pool deck, pump room, pool filter, tiles, and other essential elements. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your aquatic haven is in optimal condition.

More Ways to Reach Us

Click to Call: +62+812+4678+8765

Start a WhatsApp Chat: Click Here

Send us an Email: info@villaverify.com

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